Guiness Pro14 
January 25, 2020, 14:30
Isuzu Southern Kings
30 - 31
Toyota Cheetahs
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
Isuzu Southern Kings
Referee: Stuart Berry

Match Report

First Blood to the Isuzu Southern Kings 3 minutes and 31 seconds into the game from Bader Pretorius from a penalty in front of the poles.

TRY 7 minutes and 7 seconds into the game – Bader Pretorius scores under the poles.

8 Minutes and 2 seconds in, Bader Pretorius converts to put the Isuzu Southern Kings on 10-0.

At 27 Minutes and 10 seconds Bader Pretorius slots another penalty to put the Isuzu Southern Kings 13-0 up.

At 31 minutes Tian Schoeman from the Toyota Cheetahs received a Yellow Card.

33 Minutes and 32 Seconds Sintu Manjezi dots down for the Toyota Cheetahs. 13-5.

George Whitehead misses the conversion.

Half time score: 13-5

At 43 minutes and 30 seconds in Stefan Ungerer went on a running streak to score in the corner – 18-5.

On 44 minutes and 50 seconds Bader Pretorius slotted his 2nd conversion to put the Isuzu Southern Kings up on 20-5.

Sintu Manjezi scores his second try on 49 minutes and 41 seconds – under t epoles. The conversion by Tian Schoeman is good and the Toyota Cheetahs creep closer – 20-12.

53 Minutes 48 Seconds John-Thomas Jackson scores under the poles. The conversion from Bader Pretorius is good and the Isuzu Southern Kings move to 27-12 against the Toyota Cheetahs.

59 Minutes and 10 Seconds in Wilmar Arnoldi scores for the Toyota Cheetahs – 27-12.

71 Minutes and 29 Seconds in Bader Pretorius advances the Isuzu Southern Kings to 30-17 against the Toyota Cheetahs.

75 Minutes and 20 Seconds in Rhyno Smith scores for the Toyota Cheetahs, the conversion is good from Ruan Pienaar.

After the final hooter Rhyno Smith scores for the Toyota Cheetahs and the conversion by Ruan Pienaar is good.



  • Isuzu Southern Kings: Penalty – 3 (Bader Pretorius), Try – 3 (Bader Pretorius, Stefan Ungerer, Jphn-Thomas Jackson), Conversion – 3 (Bader Pretorius)
  • Toyota Cheetahs: Penalty – (), Try – 5 (Sintu Manjezi – 2, Wilmar Arnoldi, Rhyno Smith – 2), Conversion – 3 (Tian Schoeman, Ruan Pienaar – 2)